How to Make a Beautiful New Twitter Header with Photoshop

Would you love to be able to change your Twitter Header quickly and easily yourself? Perhaps have one for each new product, promotion or webinar you launch? Today’s video will show you how to make a branded Twitter Header using a Photoshop Template. You can grab...

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How to Include a Call to Action Link on a Vimeo Video

Today’s tutorial will show you why its useful to add a link to a Vimeo video. Your video won’t always be viewed on your own site. Make sure your videos take your calls to action with them.   Why do you need a CTA on a Video? Why do you create videos?...

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8 Reasons Photoshop is Brilliant for Bloggers

Why would a blogger need to invest in Photoshop? I’m a huge fan of Adobe products and so before we start, I confess, I’m completely biased. But, this fandom has evolved for a reason. The products are amazing, creative and, importantly, learnable. No, you...

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Hiding Long Images in Blog Posts – Video How To

Hiding long images might seem counter-intuitive. But, different images serve different purposes. Small images are great for illustrating a point and breaking up the text. Long images are great for summarising and sharing. Being able to hide really long images is one...

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How to Create an Animated GIF with Photoshop

Creating an animated GIF file is quick and easy using Photoshop. It is a great way to repurpose your content, add variety to your visual marketing, and create something that’s a little different, funny or eye-catching.   What is an animated gif (and why...

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Adding an Image to a Click to Tweet – Video Tutorial

A one-click, pre-written tweet is a great way to get people to share your content directly from your blog posts. Research shows that adding an image to a tweet can significantly increase any subsequent engagement or retweets. Today’s video tutorial will show you...

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9 Types of Shareable Image for your Blog

We love images. Our eyes process them at great speed. Our brains remember them long after they’ve gone. We’re drawn to them on a page or screen. Shareable images have the potential to add great value to your blog posts. Luckily for us, the Internet loves them too. So,...

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